Modern Meets Traditional


Do you remember when times were simpler? I do. Here at Uomo we believe in preserving tradition without sacrificing the modern


Passionate outdoor enthusiasts that live for adventure

Men and women with traditional values living in a modern world. The trick is finding the perfect blend of both. 


Growing up in the city the outdoors was always my escape. As a kid, i couldn’t  wait for trips to my grandfathers cabin in the north woods of Wisconsin. There was something about being "up there" that felt so amazing. Away from the concrete and noise. I can close my eyes and still hear the sound of small stones pinging of my moms 89 toytoa camry as we drove the down the the gravel late on a friday heading to the cabin. From early on I was raised with the image of a man being a sportsman. To other kids i grew up with Hunting and fishing was odd, but to me it was everything.


Over the years Ive dabbled in many hobbies and hold many passions but one thing was at core of every single thing i was pulled toward. being Outdoors. 



was a wayTo this day times spent up there are still some of my fondest memories.  hunting and fishing in the north wo



I started Uomo to preserve that way of life and feeling. A way to get people outdoors. I think deep down we are all traditional valued men and women living in a modern world, and the trick to living your best life is finding the perfect blend of both. 


Cody D'Acqusito